Updated Advice on Bin Collections from the Council – Tue 4th Sept 2018

The following has just been issued as a press release from Redditch Borough Council. The bit that affects Church Hill residents is that this Friday’s green bin collection should be back to normal, and next week’s grey bin will also be back to normal by then too. I will keep you all updated if this changes through my Facebook Page.

Advice on waste collection services in Redditch issued today (Tuesday 4th September).

The service is approximately 1 day behind so in order to catch up we have put a plan in place to get collections back to normal by next week.

If your bin is usually collected on a Tuesday, please leave your bin out on Wednesday.

If your bin is usually collected on a Wednesday, please DO NOT put your bin out this week and we will return to collect double the amount on your next green bin collection date. Extra recycling should preferably be put in cardboard boxes and left at the side of the bin for collection.

Green bin collections will run as normal this week for residents whose bins are usually collected on Thursday and Friday.

Next week’s grey bin collections should run as normal.

Cllr Brandon Clayton, whose portfolio covers Environmental Services, said: 

“After an incredible series of unforeseen issues last week, from staff sickness to vehicle breakdowns, our teams have worked very hard to catch up so that now we are only a day behind where we should be.

“Unfortunately with grey bin collections hanging over from last week, we have had to prioritise collecting these over collecting all of the recycling rounds. Whilst we are sorry that this will affect our residents whose bins are normally collected on a Wednesday, we have agreed that the teams will collect any extra recycling left out on their next recycling collection day.

“We’re very sorry if you have been affected by the issues in any way but if all goes to plan we should be back on track for next week’s collections.

“We can then move forward, assess the situation and put in place long-term plans to ensure that the service is stable for the future, reducing the risk of a repeat occurrence.”



Redditch Bin Collection Calendar 2018: Which bin should I put out tonight?

You can use the image below to check which bin to put out in 2018. Bookmark this page for easy access later.

Redditch Bin Collection Calendar 2018

If you are unable to access the image you can click the link below for the PDF version.

When is Bin Collection Day for Church Hill, Redditch?

  • Bins in Church Hill are emptied on a FRIDAY.
  • Place your bin by the kerb by 7am.
  • Your bin may not be collected if the lid is not closed, or it’s too heavy.
  • Remove your bin from the public pathways as soon as possible.

Do you (or someone you know) struggle with putting your bins out?

If you are ill, have a disability or other good reason why you cannot put your own bins to the kerbside the Council does offer an assisted collection service. Please email [email protected] if you would like to know more about this.

Where is the tip? When is the tip open?

For everything you need to know about the local tip please click here.