Update for residents following my talk with Tracey Onslow (Deputy PCC) about anti-social behaviour issues in Church Hill

Today I attended Rachel Maclean’s coffee morning tour in Matchborough and was delighted to see residents from Church Hill had made the effort to come over for a chat about issues that are affecting them at the moment.

One of the other reason I was keen to attend this event was to grab some time with Tracey Onslow, the Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner. I wanted to talk about the anti-social behaviour issues in Church Hill where we have issues with young people misbehaving in the bus road. I also saw our PCSOs at the coffee morning so was able to have a chat with them about things too.

  • Quick Aside: Bicycles are now banned from Willow Trees Community Centre owing to behaviour and damage.

I have been working closely with local groups such as PACT, Church Hill Big Local and the YMCA.  I’ve also been talking with members of the community who have been brilliant around all of this.

There are a number of things we can look at and Tracey had some good suggestions that I am going to follow-up. I don’t want to go into the specific details just yet as they might not come to anything and I wouldn’t want to raise false hope. I will just say they involve certain pots of money to fund certain things. We might not even be fully eligible to apply, but I’ve got to try to see what’s possible.

  • In the meantime I would urge anyone with concerns about anti-social behaviour in the bus road to please call 101 and log the incident. You can also log certain things online at https://www.westmercia.police.uk/report
  • If you would like to talk to me about the issues you can email me in my capacity as a local Councillor on [email protected] – but remember, as a Councillor I cannot come in and wave a magic wand to solve problems immediately, but I will always be happy to chat and see how I can help you.

My Walkabout on Saturday 6th January 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you had a good Christmas break. I know you have been aching to get to 2018 so you can vote in the local elections in May, so I’ll get straight down to business 🙂

Today I did a walkabout through Church Hill to talk to residents, look for problems and generally see what is happening around the local area. I was joined by Juliet Brunner who is a councillor on Redditch Borough Council (she leads the group there too), but also a County Councillor on Worcestershire County Council. A very busy woman! I took the opportunity to ask Juliet about the street lights in the ward that people have been talking to me about.

We also took a look at the tree works going on at the bottom of Donnington Close. I haven’t received any complaints about these works, but if there are any problems residents can contact me via [email protected] and I will look into them.

Finally, we walked through the centre and out up to Jersey Close where residents are concerned about ‘rat running’ through the area.