Mike Rouse

For Church Hill

Thank you to everyone who voted for me in 2018 – I won my seat by just one single vote, proving that every vote really does count and that YOU really can make a difference.

Vision, Issues, & Values

I believe in the potential that lies here in Redditch and in particular in the Church Hill area that I am honoured to represent. There is so much going for our town, and brilliant people who live and work here. But for years, this talent and potential has been left untapped by years of Labour failures at Town Hall.

Examples include failing to bid for around £5m of funding for the town centre from partners, and having to return over £100,000 to central government that was supposed to be spent helping small businesses with their rates. 

Let’s make sure we don’t go back to the bad years under Labour; let’s keep unlocking Redditch and releasing the full potential of our great town.

The Innovation Our Town Needs Right Now

About Mike

Growing up, our household was staunch Labour. My mother held many part-time jobs whilst juggling childcare, including cleaning and those door-to-door catalogue companies. She did this until she suffered several strokes in the 1990s, leaving her permanently disabled both physically and mentally whilst all 3 of us children were still at school. My father was a HGV driver until his death in 2004 from lung cancer when I was aged just 21. It wasn’t the easiest start in life – far from it.

As I started to make my own way in the world as a young adult I started to question more the political principles that surrounded my childhood. There was always a bitter jealousy of people who had more money than us (of which there were many) as ‘snobby’, and this never sat easy with me. There had to be more to it than that, and over time I discovered that a large part of Labour-oriented politics is around scapegoating and dividing people against each other along class or monetary lines.

News & Updates 

Our Town Hall wouldn’t make a good block of flats

At our last Executive Committee meeting (Tuesday 14 August 2018) the Conservative-led administration on Redditch Borough Council put forward changes to the plans around the regeneration of Redditch town centre. There are two major changes: The idea of building a £12m...