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I live in Redditch with my wife and our two beautiful daughters – our first was born at The Alex and our second was born at Worcestershire Royal following the transfer of services away from Redditch.

Having lived in Donnington Close (Church Hill South) for nearly 5 years my family grew to love the Church Hill area with its good amenities for children, strong local groups and stunning greenery that can be found during the many walks around the area.

A good set of shops in the centre, good homes, nice people, what’s not to like?

My Professional Background

By trade I am a software developer, but that basically means I’m a grafter who’s good with computers. It was a good way out of my council estate back in the late 1990s when I first started taking computers more seriously. Before that I was programming Commodore 64s in the 1980s and early 90s.

I have also worked for the NHS in both community and acute mental health services, mainly in the administration side of things but did spend some time working a hands on role on a ward for a while. This gave me huge insight into the kinds of problems people have to cope with for so long before they reach braking point.

On leaving the NHS I decided to mix computers and politics and so in 2006 I joined Britain’s first internet-based TV station in London. I worked there for a couple of years before returning to the Midlands where web and computing skills kept me in work during some very tough times and recessions.

I now work as a consultant to other politicians and political movements, advising them how to use technology to advance their cause.