Earlier this year I got quite a bit of stick from Labour over moss on the pavements around Jersey Close. They seemed to think I was making a legal argument; I wasn’t. It was a moral argument in representation of a resident who slipped on the moss and broke his ankle. More should be done, I argued.

The situation in Jersey Close was particularly bad because the pavement surface had degraded so much it appeared to be giving hospice to the moss and where there was once pavements great patches of moss had taken its place.

I worked with Cllr Tom Baker-Price as one of the area’s County Councillors (road and pavement surfaces fall under the County Council not the Borough Council). Having heard the plight of our resident first hand by bothering to visit him with me at his home Councillor Baker-Price asked County Officers to inspect the pavement.

They found it was pretty bad and needed resurfacing – using a tried, tested, fair and legal method of testing the surface.

It was great to walk around the area today and see the work has been finished.

My thanks to Tom Baker-Price for his work at the County Hall on this along with the officers who did the work to a good standard.

A couple of points in anticipation of the comments:

1/ No favouritism was shown to Jersey Close because it is in the North. We are one Church Hill and the County uses a fair method of assessment. If you think your pavement is just as bad or worse get in touch, get it tested and let’s see what we can do.

2/ The Borough Council does clear moss under contract from the County Council. You will see the team from the Borough spraying the pavements at various times of the year. The Borough Council then bills the County Council for this work on a job-by-job basis.

3/ It was never a legal argument about moss, it was always a moral argument.

4/ Pavements and road surfaces are a County Council matter. I will happily work wth County Council colleagues on these issues, but please be aware these areas are complicated and take a long time to sort out.

The resident concerned is making a good recovery when I last checked on him.