I know you will be gutted to have spent your day in the sunshine and not glued to the Sunday Politics Midlands, so here’s a copy of their Redditch package for you by their talented journalist James Pearson.

James asked me about the 1 vote win and why I thought people were turning to the Conservatives in towns like Redditch. He then got the views of Paul Swansborough (outgoing UKIP candidate) and Bill Hartnett (outgoing Leader of the Council and Leader of Redditch Labour Group).

If we look across all these towns there is a common theme that all of them were strong Leave areas in the EU referendum, but a closer look at places like Redditch, Nuneaton, Tamworth and others shows something deeper too.

Why are Conservatives winning in Redditch?

In these areas local residents are telling the Conservatives they are fed up of being “owned” by Labour and the Labour Party feeling a sense of entitlement over the towns they have dominated for so long. People are fed up of being taken for granted. I found that in Church Hill where nearly 400 additional voters came to the Conservatives over previous elections. People were telling me on the doorsteps that Labour used to be very good for them, but have lost their way.

Sunday Politics Video

If you can’t see the video embedded below try the direct link or this iPlayer link.

I’m grateful to all the voters who placed their trust in me and the Conservative team. I’m already working hard and progress so far is promising. Thank you also to James Pearson at the Sunday Politics for a fair and balanced piece of journalism.