I’ve sent the following letter to the Redditch Standard, which may appear on Friday 11 May 2018. I try to post a full copy of letters here as the papers need to cut things down to squeeze letters in.

Dear Editor,

As I am the living proof that every vote matters after I won the Church Hill ward by a majority of 1, I feel it’s my duty now to remind everyone to make sure they register to vote and then actually go out and exercise their vote when the time comes.

Although I welcome the slightly increased turnout in Church Hill where 1.4% more voters cast their ballot the overall turnout at 31.1% is still way too low.

However, to all those who did vote I offer my humblest thanks, especially to the 333 additional Conservative voters who delivered a 14.7% swing from Labour in Church Hill.

Finally, I pay tribute to outgoing Councillor Nina Wood-Ford who fought with honour and dignity throughout.

Mike Rouse
Conservative Councillor for Church Hill