Social media is a funny thing. Sometimes I love it, other times not so much. I think it can bring the worst out in people sometimes and I much prefer to bring the best out of people. I’m an optimist.

On Tuesday I noticed a post featuring one of my leaflets appeared on the Spotted:Redditch page on Facebook. It’s always sad to see a leaflet become litter. Breaks my heart.

As I said on my page, perhaps I should arrange another litter pick. That’s a reference to the community litter pick that I worked with Church Hill Big Local to make happen as part of Keep Britain Tidy’s Spring Clean campaign. I initially organised the litter pick under my own auspices before ‘handing over’ to Church Hill Big Local so that they could run it on a full cross-community and cross-party basis.  Imagine my surprise then when I saw a post on the Redditch Labour Party page week later claiming that Tories had ‘hijacked’ the event.  That’s a perfect example of how the Labour Party will just outright lie and twist things for their own gain.

On a lighter note, however, I was actually spotted getting some chips from Church Hill Chippy at lunchtime, which led to a pleasant and lighthearted exchange on social media with a voter. So perhaps this social media stuff isn’t so bad after all.


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Mike Rouse

The Conservative councillor for Church Hill (Redditch) who ran at a safe Labour seat at the first time of standing and took it by a single vote.

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