(The above video is intended as an illustrative example of the kind of club we could start)

If I am elected* as your Borough Councillor in Church Hill on Thursday 3rd May I will work with the council and community groups to establish ‘community coding clubs’ in the local area. I will even be willing to run these myself as I am a software developer by trade.

The clubs will teach children from a young age, and could also be open to young adults too if we can get enough support. They will be held in the local area, so easy to get to and at a suitable time of the day.

The clubs will help Church Hill people get the skills they need to understand software development and coding better, and would hopefully lead to Church Hill people being able to access highly-paid jobs in the software industry.

For the younger ones the classes will use robots and kits like Raspberry Pi to teach coding and software development in a fun way. For the older ones we will use more business-focussed activities.

If elected I will work with the Borough and County Council, and government bodies where necessary, to access funding to support these clubs. What’s more, although I will start with Church Hill, I hope to be able to push them out across all of Redditch in time.

These clubs are important to help skill our young people for their future in work where robotics and automation will be prevalent. I want to make sure that Church Hill children are not left behind.

Please get behind this pledge by voting for me on Thursday 3rd May.

  • (I’ll do them even if I’m not elected, just to be clear)