On 9 March 2017, the Chancellor of the Exchequer came up to Birmingham. It was the day after the Spring 2017 Budget. He announced, amongst many other things, a package of £17.5m that the Conservaative government is pumping into the Midlands region through the LEPs (Local Enterprise Partnerships).

Redditch was promised £5m of this money to support redvelopment of its town centre.

All the Labour-led council needed to do is submit a business case.  They haven’t done this yet and currently plan to do it ‘some time before the end of 2018‘.

Here’s a timer showing how long the Labour-run council has been sat on the promised £5m our town desperately needs.

Business cases are complex documents, we accept that. But the Council’s plans have already been given an ‘A Rating’, so why haven’t they submitted the paperwork yet?

The Labour-led council dithered for 10 years over our town’s swimming pool. When the Conservatives took control of the council we delivered it in 2. They dither, we deliver.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video below, which was put together by the Town Centre Partnership as part of Redditch’s failed bid to become a ‘Portias Pilot’ town SIX years ago.  Some of the things said in this video are excellent, especially from the Mayor at the time, Anita Clayton, who talks about a cafe culture on Church Green. The Labour-led council are only just starting to open up to this idea six years later. Some of the shops shown in this video as closed SIX YEARS AGO are now closed AGAIN (or still closed) six years later!

With your support on Thursday 3rd May we can start to #UnlockRedditch and release our town’s full potential.

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