Saturday Action Team

I was delighted to be joined on the campaign trail by Rachel Maclean MP who joined our Saturday Action Team along with borough councillors and Conservative supporters to deliver leaflets and knock doors around Jersey Close in Church Hill North.

We spoke to many residents in the closes around this area, including one lovely gentleman who raised the issue of the mess left by the tree-thinning exercise on Paper Mill Drive. However, what came up time and again was the issue of the moss on the pavements around there.  In some places it’s hard to see where the grass ends and the pavement begins because it’s that thick.

I was quite surprised to see the pavements so poorly cared for in this area. It’s the responsibility of Redditch Borough Council to clean these walkways. Had any of the Labour councillors for the area (of which there are 3) just walked around and knocked on some doors they would have seen the issue for themselves as we did.

I have written to Councillors and I am working closely with colleagues to get this matter resolved and get the pavements cleaned. I have asked colleagues to look closely at the areas around the school as we don’t want kids slipping near there on the way to school.

We also discussed our #UnlockRedditch campaign with local residents. Every person we spoke to about this issue agreed with us – it’s time to revitalise Redditch town centre. If elected, and if the Conservatives take control of the council away from Labour in May that’s just what we will do.

I am sorry if I didn’t get to talk with you on Saturday. Perhaps you were out, or perhaps we didn’t reach your house before we had to call it a day. We’ll be back and I will be paying close attention to the issues that are affecting your area. If you have any questions or would like to raise an issue I can be reached by email on [email protected] or on Facebook by clicking here: