Today I attended the Church Hill PACT meeting to hear from the community, Borough Councillors, police and one of our County Councillors, Tom Baker-Price.

Cllr Baker-Price reported that Sandhurst Close is due for resurfacing in the next financial year, which is great news for residents there.

Cllr Pat Witherspoon updated everyone on works around the play area near Northleach Close, which is to be updated and have its fencing improved along with some work to the pool there.

The police reported action taken around abandoned cars and that they are dealing with concerns raised about youths skateboarding on the roads in traffic, putting themselves and others at risk.

The next meeting will be on 6th December, and then next year the meetings will be moved to a bi-monthly footing. This is because not enough issues are being brought forward and attendance at these meetings by the public is low.

So I do urge everyone in Church Hill to make use of these meetings to bring up concerns about their area so that the councillors, police and their partners can work on them right away.